The Core Process Experience is now online

For several years now I have been a Core Process practitioner. This is one of the most satisfying and profound “jobs” that I have ever had.

Unfortunately it is one of the more “challenging” sells into the corporate world. For some reason, many senior corporates shy away from learning about themselves, particularly at this deep level where they get to understand, literally, why they are on the planet.

So what to do?

I was mucking around online a few weeks ago and discovered by chance that had become available. So this was quickly acquired and a new website created; The Core Process Experience was born.

I was really fortunate that a number of my clients, including Prof. Chris Bones, Dean of Henley Business School and a major fan of Core Process, agreed to “seed” the site with their experiences. I am very grateful to them all.

Anyway now we have to see whether this “corporate” website with comments from high ranking corporate players (amongst many) will have the desired effect. I certainly hope so as I know from personal experience and from talking with clients just how powerful knowing your Core Process is.

Job Interview Part 2

Well I made it to the 2nd interview. A 15 minute presentation on a topic that I’d specifically said at the 1st interview I believed was not part of the role! So I argued against it and got better feedback than I was expecting.

Then they dropped the bombshell – that the current vice Chair had applied for the role and was being interviewed as well. So they asked awkward questions about how I might cope with a member of the board who was uncooperative, difficult, not up to the job etc etc. Surprisingly I found I enjoyed it.

But then I had to be appraised by an external third party and it was then that I realised just how different the private and public sectors are. And it really does appear that one is trying to operate with both hands tied behind one’s back. For example, although the company that is offering the job is in the private sector, it’s sole shareholder is public sector and therefore regulated. Which means that the private company is expected by the regulator to adhere to public guidelines and policy. Which calls into question how it can remain competitive and this expectation is onerous to say the least.

Anyway they told me that they would try and let me know by the end of yesterday and it is now midday GMT the following day as I type this and I’ve not heard anything so I’m assuming that it is a split decision and I’m still involved if only on the basis that if I wasn’t in the frame they’d have told me straight away.

And curiously, I find that I’m increasingly keen to land the job as I’m now very intrigued by how it all works. So fingers crossed!

There’s Nowt So Queer as Folk!

I spent a long day with a mentoring client yesterday, not finishing until 8:15pm.

They have a difficult exit journey to travel in the next 12 months – the countdown clock literally started yesterday.

What I found interesting is that although they know they need keep people on an interim basis, and that this new interim team will add millions of pounds to the value of the company, they are still finding it difficult to focus on the value of the team rather than the day rates of the team members.

May be it’s because of my training as an economist, but if someone adds a penny more onto value than they cost to hire, it’s a good hire. If they add millions, they’re a steal!

It’s behind you!

One of the things that I love about panto (a particularly British phenomenon) is the way that one of the good characters can never see the baddie while the audience, i.e. the children, scream “It’s behind you” at the top of their voice. With 2 small boys of 6 and 4 at the time of writing, the joy in their eyes while participating in this event will remain with me forever.

So what does this have to do with a business mentor and a blog? Actually, quite a lot. It’s about change.

In my life.

My personal change of direction will be channelled into Mapping Beauty, my core process.

My corporate change of direction will be focussed on Enhancing Clarity.

And my work direction can be followed on my personal website

And this blog? It’s just a bit of fun …

It’s behind you!