Twitter Activity for Week ending 2013-03-17

  • Very interesting FT article about corporate over-use of email & what Atos has done about it with considerable success ->
  • To Silverstone for my 1st ever track day with a Lotus owner friend of mine. Not sure what to expect but surprisingly nervous… ->
  • Silverstone track day cancelled 🙁 Semi slicks don't tend to work that well in these conditions. #snowstoppedplay ->

Twitter Activity for Week ending 2013-03-03

  • To @ForLinuxUK for monthly meetings. Doing more leadership work this time which is always fun. ->
  • To London to meet a leading solicitor then a gathering of the clan for a new company I've helped to form. Should be interesting discussions. ->
  • Off to do 1st stint as fast safety boat cox at sailing club. Fortunately little wind so should be uneventful although racers won't be happy. ->