Twitter Activity for Week ending 2012-11-25

  • To @ForLinuxUK for monthly 2 day visit. Will be doing a lot of group coaching this trip. Will be interesting to see impact on our growth. ->
  • Mentoring a favourite client today who have so much enthusiasm for what we are doing that each session is a pleasure. What more can one ask? ->
  • Nominet proposes to introduce .uk TLD costing staggering £25 per year for no tangible benefit. #NominetGreed ->
  • I'm featured in new report on importance of freelancers to UK economy commissioned by @InsidePCG. Flattered to be asked ->

Twitter Activity for Week ending 2012-11-18

  • End of a long day. Conference call with PR agency we are considering, writing up notes from new client discovery meeting, then call with VC. ->
  • Leaving now Hilton Gatwick for a seminar on selling companies. The back for conference call with other PR company on shortlist. Exhausting. ->
  • To London again. 1st to Finncap, then prospective client followed by owner of company that organises entrepreneurs events that I facilitate. ->

Twitter Activity for Week ending 2012-11-11

  • 2 days of 1-2-1 meetings with directors of new client to discover everything about the business so that I can plan their mentoring program ->
  • Interesting day. Informal chat about a chairmanship opportunity then catch up with lawyer friend after lunch meeting cancelled. ->
  • Meeting up with accountant and former colleague then an advisor to a potential client. November is turning out to be a busy month… ->