Twitter Activity for Week ending 2012-07-29

  • To Newark @ForLinuxUK for 2 days including our Board Meeting then all day coaching on Wednesday. Suspect I'm going to be tired come Friday! ->
  • Exhausting day with 3 coaching sessions. That after an early start fighting M25 around Heathrow. Olympic lanes clearly to blame! Bah humbug! ->
  • Just back from a brilliant Fun Day with the family at Broadwater Sailing Club. We've been members for a month but everyone is so friendly. ->

Twitter Activity for Week ending 2012-07-08

  • To London for meeting with major bank to discuss mentoring partnership with their clients then Watford to see mentoring prospect. ->
  • Meeting with Guernsey co. postponed as they couldn't get off the island due to fog. THE reason why my father never wanted to move back! ->
  • So now video conference call followed by more meetings at House of Lords. Becoming a nice habit 🙂 ->
  • Really good mentoring session this afternoon. Client really starting to shift. Next session is going to be fun. ->
  • Touching down in Belfast with a banker friend. Interesting meetings coming up. ->

Twitter Activity for Week ending 2012-07-01

  • Interesting day. To House of Lords for catch up meeting, lunch with private equity friend then probably back to Lords for more meetings.. ->
  • Just been asked to sit on Question Time style panel at Henley Business School on Friday. Am I right person? Need to decide quickly. ->
  • To Newark and 2 days with @ForLinuxUK. Looking forward to it as these guys are seriously on the ball and challenging. ->
  • Facilitating in Reigate this morning then meeting with a banking official in House of Lords. Long day to come! ->