Resuscitating my HTC Blue Angel

This is a simple story of how I resuscitated my 5 year old O2 XDA IIs.

For many years now I have been re-flashing the ROM on this wonderful PDA/phone. People with iPhones and Androids etc look at my “brick” in astonishment whenever I bring it out to update my calendar or whatever but for me, it has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made. Indeed I have a brand new Orange SPV M2000, still boxed, sitting in a cupboard waiting to be fired up when this one finally breaks beyond repair. Sad I know but …

So why did it need resuscitating in the first place? Well the screen started to look as if it was cracked. I took it with me when the family went tobogganing in the big snow dump we had 2 weeks ago and when we got home I noticed that there was a patch of pixels in the middle of the screen which looked stuck. I ran a pixel unsticker utility overnight but this didn’t make a difference.  So new screen time. Fortunately a friend had given me his old i-mate PDA2K which was in a sorry state but which had a very clean screen. So following the instructions I found on the XDA Developers wiki, I proceeded to swap the screens over. Unfortunately it turns out that there are 2 different types of screens so the swap over didn’t work. Not a major problem – I just dropped the whole of the i-mate innards into my XDA case.

Brilliant yes/no? (Excuse the pun)

Yes and no as it happens. I managed to snap off the lug on the side of the phone to control the volume (not a major problem as this can all be handled by the ROM software anyway). The weirdest thing was that the ring tones were so quiet I couldn’t hear the phone when it was in it’s case.

So firing up my registry editor for Windows Mobile (the brilliant CeRegEditor) I went poking around and came across this registry setting:


The value of AttenuationCategory was set to 5. It should be set to 2. Now it’s back to it’s normal loud self.

So far so good. But there was one other thing that bugged me. I stopped having a pay monthly contract and went PAYG last year as 90% of my calls are incoming (I’ve just switched to giffgaff ). Several PAYG SIMs have settings in contacts to allow you to check on your balance etc. These kept showing up in my PDA address book which was annoying. So poking around again in the registry turned up


and setting the value of ShowSim to 0 (zero) sorted that out.

In the words of that annoying meerkat, “simples”!