The Joys (or Otherwise) of Cloud Computing and RSS

Connected, one of the companies I chair, has recently decided to use cloud computing very heavily. The need to collaborate with clients and other suppliers lead them to Basecamp (and a whole bunch of other apps).

This has all sorts of advantages for them, but caused problems for me because I don’t work full time in the company, and the use of Basecamp seems to have really improved productivity – so much so that I was in real danger of unable to keep a general eye on things (one of my briefs being to ask awkward questions). The MD suggested that I look at setting up an RSS feed to monitor things. I must confess that I’ve never used RSS before to monitor news etc. as to me it has always seemed like extra noise – and noise is something I can do without!

Which leads me to Flock, the browser based on Firefox designed for heavy users of social media. I can’t (so far) use this on my Linux desktop PC but it works on my Linux laptop, both running Gentoo Linux which is seriously weird. My initial view of flock is that it is not as good as the WizzRSS plugin for Firefox I installed on my desktop but I’ll persevere to see which I like better over the next few weeks.

But the use RSS for this is a brilliant idea/solution. Maybe I should use it more …