New Wheels …

Well I took delivery of my new car a few days ago. Following on from my previous post, I decided to have some fun and ordered a silver Peugeot 207cc which I’m really enjoying, particularly as it came in well under the budget I’d set myself. It’s wonderful to be driving an open top car again after so many years, and having a metal roof that disappears into the boot/trunk after 15 seconds is all the excuse I need to get the top down!

Unlike my previous Smart ForFour, this car is a) petrol (doing less than 10,000 miles a year, I can’t justify the diesel) and b) on contract hire rather than a contract purchase (I have to give the car back at the end of the contract). I miss that pulling power of the diesel, but I’m averaging around 40mpg with mixed motorway/town driving so I can’t complain. And I’ve found the Pug to be more comfortable on long journeys than the Smart with was, which is a plus.

So why did I choose the Pug, other than the price? In all honesty, because the boot/trunk is huge. I can get a full set of golf clubs in and a trolley – hopefully my electric one will fit, but if not, I can use my old “pull me” one. On my local course, the “pull me” is fine as it not too hilly.

One unexpected bonus was that the car came with the iPod loom wired into the radio saving me both time and money getting this done – it was an option on the model I chose.

And today I received, and fitted, an active tilt and swivel phone holder from Brodit for my XDA iis thanks to DSL Developments, Brodit’s UK distributor.

So I’m a happy camper with my new wheels!