I’m Going Japanese (or Moving My Web Hosting Part III)

I’m close to totally losing it! Another one of my hosts has decided to cease operations (as far as I can see) without having the courtesy to tell anyone least of all their clients. Or the data center has been badly damaged by the current storms in the USA. But my money’s on the former 🙁

The first indication I had that there was a problem was when my server monitoring software started telling me that various services on that server were shutting down. Stupidly I didn’t react and pull a backup of a client’s blog which we’d lavished a lot of time and effort. But as this was not an unusual occurrence, I didn’t react as I have (had) root access to the box and can (could) reboot it any time I liked.

However …

About an hour after the warnings, the box failed to respond to a ping and has been dead ever since.

And the moral is? Never ignore warnings like this and always take regular backups.