Insanity Rules OK (or Moving My Web Hosting Part II)

Hmmm, well moving my web hosting was even more painful than I expected. Rather than 1 host, I now have 3!


Because hosts are not as honest as they should be and 99.9% uptime is a meaningless statistic if they are not being truthful. My first new host worked perfectly with the test account and had zero downtime in almost a month. So having spend 2 weeks moving accounts over (all 120 domains for myself and clients), the downtime went through the roof – about 15%. Result? Some very angry clients and sleepless nights for me.

Moving on to host #2, we had good uptime (99.8% which, having founded an ISP I know is a pretty decent figure) but a problematic CPanel installation/memory issue which would all too frequently return blank pages requiring a service restart. The data centre swear blind that there is no problem despite the fact that I’ve forwarded the logs that clearly show that there is. At least, being another CPanel platform, the migration of accounts was painless!

And so on to host #3. I decided to try a VPS (Virtual Private Server) which was not such a big deal for me as I run Gentoo Linux as my OS on my PCs so I’m very comfortable in this type of environment. I also discovered the delights of HostInABox which, whilst being a little rough around the edges, is a very nice control panel and hosting platform.

Funnily enough there has been an upside to all this. I now have 3 hosts rather than just 1 which hasn’t done my SEO any harm as they are on 3 very different class C address blocks. And I can load balance my domain load across them.

But the best thing is that I’m paying considerably less for these 3 than I was for my old host. So maybe I’m not going insane after all!