New Website for My Professional Career

I rebuilt my professional website using WordPress and I’m thrilled with the result. A great theme and I found lots of excellent plug-ins to make it do exactly what I want/need. The site has new and, dare I say, better content as I’ve had some professional help

When I took some time out at the end of last year, I spent much of it looking at Google and how search works to see how to work with the search engines rather than trying to outwit them – the latter will mean that I would have to constantly monitor what was happening (not that I don’t do that anyway) and make changes on a site wide basis whereas the former means that the site should just “work”. During this thought process, I came to realise that most sites like mine are completely static and if they have a blog, it is an afterthought tacked on to the main site. Given how impressive WordPress is as a content management system (CMS), it makes a lot more sense to built the website around the blog so that the search engines get a site which is being constantly and consistently changed and added to. So this is what I’ve done 🙂

The only problem is the name! As it is my professional site, it can’t have a funky blog name (well it could, but my market might not understand being suits!). So it has to be the boring old Philip de Lisle.

I hope you like it as much as I do.

Why Would You Not Make A Will?

This has been a really traumatic week for my wife and therefore, by extension, for me. Her father left no will!

Fortunately there are only 3 possible beneficiaries – my wife and her sisters – so it won’t be difficult  to distribute the proceeds of his life (what a horrible phrase – makes me sound like a lawyer from Dickens’ Bleak House).  But the problem of no will means that they have to apply for Letters of Administration before probate can be granted. I hope they agree to appoint a lawyer to do this as Dawn has had the horrible task of phoning all sorts of people to try and sort this out. And as I’m not a surviving relative, I can’t help her to do this as I have no authority.

When my father died, I knew exactly what to do and who to contact because his will was so precise.  An added advantage was that I helped him to draft it so I knew exactly what he wanted when the executors were unsure (for very good reasons I wasn’t an executor).

Wills make sense. If you haven’t written one, please do so as soon as possible. The stress and distress that the lack of a will causes surviving relatives is awful and not something, I am sure, you would want to cause.

Don’t think about this, just do it!

A Roller Coaster Week

This has been a weird week.

First up my eldest son’s 7th birthday. I couldn’t be around when he got back from school as I had a meeting in London I couldn’t miss, nor could I get the other participants to rearrange. Which was sad as my wife created a fabulous panda birthday cake (my son is crazy about pandas).

Then exactly a week later I’m in London for an evening networking meeting when I get a telephone call telling me that my father-in-law died earlier that day. My wife, naturally enough, is very upset. So now we have the fun task of sorting out his affairs as his other family is scattered far and wide.

I guess this is what the Circle of Life is all about, but it sure feels weird at the moment!