Excellent SEO Tip to Stop So-Called Duplicate Content

I came across a great tip concerning Google and so-called duplicate content caused by the various ways that surfers can access a web page. Although humans can figure out that www.philipdelisle.co.uk is the same as philipdelisle.co.uk is the same as www.philipdelisle.co.uk/index.php etc, it seems that Google (and other search engines?) find this difficult.

If you get hit by this, Google might think that you have different versions of the same content on your site and penalise you accordingly.

Jason Potash of Portal Feeder published code to insert in the .htaccess file on Apache web serve. It works brilliantly provided that you realise that there is a typo on the first line (see my comment #14) which Jason may have corrected by the time you read this.

[Edit – the code has been corrected]

So That’s Alright Then …

So England won their final game at the cricket World Cup in the West Indies. As a cricket lover (my wife might describe me as a fanatic), you might think that I would have posted several times about this tournament, but to be honest, I’ve found very little to get excited about. England have been back to their old, awful self, and that’s before even mentioning Freddie Flintoff’s attempt to get home early by pedallo!

For me the whole shebang has been totally overshadowed by the death of Bob Woolmer, the Pakistan coach and ex-England player. If his death is suspicious, and the performance of the Englishman purporting to be the Deputy Police Commissioner of Jamaica is bordering on that of a pantomime dame, then the world has a real problem as another sport descends into the mire of gambling and fixing.

England also lost their coach along the way. Duncan Fletcher has, I believe, done a great job English cricket in the last 7 years and for that, I am thankful. But the choices and decisions that he oversaw or made since the start of the Ashes series at the end of last year appeared to me to be plain wrong. He’s done the honourable thing and resigned and we now wait to see how Peter Moores copes with what for many is becoming like the England football managers job. A definite poisoned chalice.

But England won their last game tonight so that’s alright then!