What’s Google playing at?

I was doing some research recently into how Google works so that I can improve the ranking of my other websites. We all know that content is king, and I’ve always been very sceptical about using SEO to improve rankings, preferring, perhaps naively, to create a pleasant site with interesting information in the areas that I work in; these are not mainstream so I’m unlikely to get business directly from the web. So my playing with my sites is safe from a financial point of view.

However …

I’ve now got Google to index this blog. And I’m pretty disappointed to discover that my entries are in the supplementary index which is clearly not a good thing.

I’m confused as to why this should have happened as blogs, particularly Blogger ones, are supposed to be loved by Google.

So experiment time …

I’ve changed the name of the blog for reasons I won’t bore you with and rewritten the description to make it more relevant to me and what this blog is about.

It will be interesting to see if this makes a difference when Google makes another pass in a few weeks time.

I’ll keep you posted!

Video Diaries

I had a great meeting today with an old friend, Stephen Harvard Davis. I showed him how easy it was to create a video for uploading onto YouTube/Google Video/MySpace etc using the default tools in WinXP and a cheap DV video camera.

The results were surprisingly good with titles, credits, voice overs etc. After about 15 minutes of thought, it looks like we might have come up with a new business so stay tuned!

Time to think about a video diary too …

I Don’t Believe It!

England’s cricketers have one of the most embarassing Ashes tours in living memory and then proceed to limp through the early qualifying games agains Australia and New Zealand.

And then win the whole shotting match without needing to go to the 3rd final. Amazing.

So now it’s off to the WIndies for the World Cup which might be quite good for us, but I have a sneaking feeling it won’t be. But the Baggy Greens have got some real problems to resolve in the next 2 weeks. Shouild they take Glenn McGrath? He’s looked very tired in these last few games. And he’s already announced his retirement from international cricket so one must question his motivation. And the loss of Andrew Symonds is a huge blow.

I know who’s captaincy shoes I’d rather be in …


Why not come clean?

The UK newspapers and TV channels have been full of stories about a coroner trying to determine the cause of death of a British soldier in Afganistan and demanding a copy of the onboard tape from the US tankbuster aircraft that was alleged to have killed him. The so-called “friendly fire”.

The tape, to my untrained eye, looks pretty conclusive.

What is so sad was reading today that the US authorities tried so hard to prevent this tape from ever seeing the light of day. And then reading that they are as equally uptight about sharing this type of information with their own press when US service men and women are killed or injured by friendly fire.

Our press has been making a meal of how the US treat the British troops (and Britain the country) as second class citizens. This is arrogant nonsense given my comment above about how they treat their own people.

War is a dirty business. People get hurt. Accidents happen. They always have and they always will. The fact is that modern warfare can be fought from literally miles, if not thousands of miles away from the battlefield. We are not living in the days of horses and pitched battles. Consequently these accidents are going to become increasingly common. So the authorities, regardless of which country is involved, might as well come clean. That doesn’t make any accident acceptable, but I think it makes them more understandable.

Not that that will be much comfort to the families of the unfortunate victims. But the truth might go some way to helping them come to terms with their loss.

There’s Nowt So Queer as Folk!

I spent a long day with a mentoring client yesterday, not finishing until 8:15pm.

They have a difficult exit journey to travel in the next 12 months – the countdown clock literally started yesterday.

What I found interesting is that although they know they need keep people on an interim basis, and that this new interim team will add millions of pounds to the value of the company, they are still finding it difficult to focus on the value of the team rather than the day rates of the team members.

May be it’s because of my training as an economist, but if someone adds a penny more onto value than they cost to hire, it’s a good hire. If they add millions, they’re a steal!