A Pox On You!

My youngest son aged 4 came down with Chicken Pox today.

Nasty rash all over his body with a large cluster in his groin, poor little man. My poor wife Dawn has had a couple of sleepless nights already and I’m afraid she’s likely to be in for several more. I’m in the spare room which is bliss for me as little one has this urge to kick with both feet to check that you are still there even when he’s asleep. So Dawn is a bit sore today 🙂

Now all we want is for our eldest to get it for our lives to be complete! And it will be just our luck if he gets it over Half Term!

Still it’s better to get this over and done with now while the weather is warm so that they can wear loose and light fitted clothing. I’m beginning to sound like our doctor …

You’ve got to be kidding me!

It was my wife Dawn’s 40th birthday earlier this week so we went to The Grove in Watford to celebrate.

We had a fantastic meal in The Glasshouse at less than £100 including a glass of excellent red wine each (it was a freezing night so no chances taken).

Her best friend Mary gave a her a fabulous present of taking her to Chicago (the stage show not the city!) in a week’s time. It is Mary’s 40th in the summer and Dawn has always wanted to have tea at the Ritz Hotel in London so she has decided to take her.

The cost? £80 for two people. For tea??!!

What’s that all about?

It’s behind you!

One of the things that I love about panto (a particularly British phenomenon) is the way that one of the good characters can never see the baddie while the audience, i.e. the children, scream “It’s behind you” at the top of their voice. With 2 small boys of 6 and 4 at the time of writing, the joy in their eyes while participating in this event will remain with me forever.

So what does this have to do with a business mentor and a blog? Actually, quite a lot. It’s about change.

In my life.

My personal change of direction will be channelled into Mapping Beauty, my core process.

My corporate change of direction will be focussed on Enhancing Clarity.

And my work direction can be followed on my personal website www.philipdelisle.com.

And this blog? It’s just a bit of fun …

It’s behind you!